Passages: A Community Art Exhibition

Laura - postcard - 300dpi

My residency at St Stephen in Brannel church finishes at the end of next month and to celebrate all that has been achieved I am organising an art exhibition in the church from April 28th – 30th. The exhibition will feature work I have produced along with work that has been produced by the community groups I have worked alongside.

I will be there all day on April 28th and will be delivering a short talk about my residency on April 30th at 2pm. Will look forward to hopefully seeing some of you then.


Art Workshop in Church

workshop poster A4 300dpi

I am now over a month into my residency at Brannel Church and ideas are slowly starting to come together. Over the past 2 weeks I have been producing work in the church and have created a number of drawings and paintings in response to the strong spirit of place. The process has been very intuitive and the work I have produced so far aims to evoke the atmosphere of the church rather than a realistic visual likeness.

On March 19th I will be leading a drop in workshop at the church from 10-3pm which will be suitable for anyone aged 5 or over. During the workshop participants will be encouraged to explore the space and to create their own site responsive prints which will form part of a growing display. The workshop is free and all materials will be provided. If you would like to know more you can contact me on 07525246614,  by email at or just turn up on the day!


Residency at St Stephen-in- Brannel Church

I am thrilled to say that over the next 3 months I am going to be the artist in residence at St Stephen -in- Brannel Church, a beautiful medieval building that dates back to 1261. The main aim of the residency is to engage the local community in the history and heritage of the building through a range of creative activities, which will culminate in an exhibition and open event in April.

Yesterday I spend the day in the church absorbing its spirit and getting a feel for the space. It was wonderful to spend the day in such a peaceful environment and to have the time to think about possibilities for this project. I took some photographs, did some drawings in my sketchbook and scribbled words that came to mind: Sacred space- spirituality- stillness- peace- connection- contemplation- pilgrimage- salvation- worship- sanctuary- centering- focus- epiphany- reflection- power- light- dark.

At the moment I am very open to where this journey might lead and am excited and intrigued to see how this residency will expand my practice in new and diverse ways.



Lovely Lanzarote!

A new year brings new adventures and after a wonderful Christmas back in Dorset, I was lucky enough to travel to Lanzarote for a few days of sunshine and relaxation.

Before arriving in Lanzarote I knew little about the island, but once there I was bawled over by its dramatic landscapes which have been created by several volcanic eruptions.  The colours of the landscape and its extravagant rock formations were incredibly beautiful and I found the island to have an incredibly peaceful feel which was just what I had hoped. It was fantastic to be able to get back in touch with nature and to have the time and space to think about what  I would like to achieve in my artistic practice in 2016.

During my time on the island I also discovered the work of César Manrique who was born in Lanzarote in 1919 and was an artist, activist and environmentalist. His artworks and centres of art and culture can be seen all over the island and most fuse the island’s amazing volcanic landscape with his own creative aesthetic. His guiding principle, above all else, was to work in harmony with nature and from a young age he was totally consumed by the unique beauty of Lanzarote and wanted to share this with others. Seeing Manrique’s vision and the positive influence he has had on the island and how much joy his diverse projects bring to so many people was most inspiring and was a brilliant way to start the year.

Art Inspiration in Portland


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I am back on Portland in Dorset for a few days. Its great to be back in my childhood home to catch up with family and friends and to re-explore the places I used visit and walk when I lived here several years ago. Today I went for a walk on Chesil Beach and felt very inspired by some of the beautiful colours, textures and shapes I saw in the rocks, shells and cliffs that surround Chesil Cove.

I am very much looking forward to getting back in my studio to paint again in the New Year and am intrigued to see if any of the inspirations I discovered today will make there way into my new paintings.