Visual Artist – Cornwall, UK

My paintings, drawings and prints operate as a personal register of marks that are formed from constructs of memory, emotion and indirect references to place. The guiding principles for my paintings is to provide a space that encourages the viewer to pause, ponder and reflect and is a contemplative alternative to the fast paced digital world we inhabit.  They suggest a world that we all encounter visually or sensationally, and are imbued with a strong sense of time, depth and ambiguity. Many of the influences are not noticeably overt, but are located on the edge of consciousness and gradually seep in as the work slowly evolves.

As well as being conceptually layered, much of my work is also physically layered and explores the inherent qualities of the materials I use. I combine many processes which often results in a rich palimpsest of surfaces that reveal traces of the works history through the colours, marks and textures that are overlaid and entwined. In places the play between these formal elements registers a tension between the familiar and the unknown, offering subtle suggestions and emphasising instability over certainty. 



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