Life’s a Beach

IMG_0269I was recently contacted by my friend Cathy asking if she could ask me some questions about my art practice for a new publication she is working on titled Life’s a Beach. Having had such a hectic few months it was great to sit back, take stock and think about my current inspirations.


 “I moved to Falmouth in 2011 from Dorset. Shortly after relocating I completed an MA in Fine Art at Falmouth University. I love Falmouth, it has a great creative energy with many interesting venues which regularly showcase art, films and live bands. One of the best things about living in Falmouth is being surrounded by so many other creative people. I have many artist friends and it’s great to be able to share ideas, support one another and collaborate on projects and exhibitions.

Combined with this energy is Falmouth’s natural costal beauty, it’s such a special place. One of my favourite things to do is walk the coast path from Gyllyngvase beach to Maenporth. It’s so peaceful, but also vast and dramatic.

I am always inspired by my environment. Whether it is rural or urban, I am constantly inspired by the Cornish landscape. Inspiration can occur in the most unexpected places; beautiful rocks on a beach, an old peeling poster, a fishing boat washed up on the shore or even the view from an aeroplane. The colours, textures and shapes I observe on journeys regularly find their way into my paintings.

My paintings, drawings and prints operate as a personal register of marks that are formed from constructs of memory, emotion and indirect references to place. The guiding principles for my paintings is to provide a space that encourages the viewer to pause, ponder and reflect.


It’s an average Saturday afternoon … where could we find you?

 I recently moved house and have spent the last few months renovating and decorating which has been a hugely exciting and rewarding experience. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sourcing local materials and paint colours and thinking about the kind of home I want to create. I am also lucky enough to have a beautiful garden, which I am slowly learning more about. It’s full of exotic plants and shrubs, which grow beautifully in Cornwall. We are so lucky to have some beautiful gardens in Cornwall that I love to visit and am always inspired by. I recently visited Tremenhere Sculpture Gardens for the first time and was struck at the beauty and magical quality of the place.

When I’m not at home or out exploring, I can often be found at my studio at Falmouth Wharves. The studio is a place where I can shut myself off from the outside world and completely immerse myself in my work.


www.lauramenzies.couk /


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