Residency Update


Over the last few weeks of my residency at St Stephen’s Church in Brannel,  I have been working with some of the local community to engage them creatively in the history and heritage of the building. Brannel Secondary School visited the church for several workshops and created a series of drawings and prints inspired by their personal experiences of the space.  I also worked with a year 2 class from Foxhole Learning Academy who created their own print blocks and prints inspired by the colours and shapes they discovered.  Working with these local schools was a fantastic experience and was greatly rewarding.  It was wonderful to see young people being creative in the church and to watch their ideas grow over several sessions.

Over the last month I have also been continuing to develop my own work and have been taking photographs, creating small drawings and prints, and doing quite a bit of writing and reflection. Because of the relatively short time frame of my residency, I haven’t produced a final body of work as such, but have gathered lots of ideas, stimulus and inspiration I am going to use to create a series of large scale paintings that will be directly inspired by my experiences of this magnificent and powerful place.

From April 28th – 30th there will be a community exhibition at the church which will showcase some of the work that has been produced over the last 3 moths. I will be there all day on 28th and 30th and will be delivering a short talk about my residency at 2pm on April 30th. The exhibition will be open from 11-4pm daily and refreshments will be provided. It would be lovely to see some of you, so if you are around please do pop in for a chat and a cuppa!IMG_2624