Residency at St Stephen-in- Brannel Church

I am thrilled to say that over the next 3 months I am going to be the artist in residence at St Stephen -in- Brannel Church, a beautiful medieval building that dates back to 1261. The main aim of the residency is to engage the local community in the history and heritage of the building through a range of creative activities, which will culminate in an exhibition and open event in April.

Yesterday I spend the day in the church absorbing its spirit and getting a feel for the space. It was wonderful to spend the day in such a peaceful environment and to have the time to think about possibilities for this project. I took some photographs, did some drawings in my sketchbook and scribbled words that came to mind: Sacred space- spirituality- stillness- peace- connection- contemplation- pilgrimage- salvation- worship- sanctuary- centering- focus- epiphany- reflection- power- light- dark.

At the moment I am very open to where this journey might lead and am excited and intrigued to see how this residency will expand my practice in new and diverse ways.




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